The SCORPION BUILDING is 100,000 square feet of creative office space, multiple and varied conference rooms, modern cubicle 'pods', company cafeteria, gymnasium, production studio, bars, lounge areas and even a sunken indoor basketball court. While the company is currently working remotely, the entire 4-story building is available for filming.

SCORPION offers a multitude of glass-walled Conference Rooms, from the large Kona Room above to the Napa Room, to the USC Trojan's Room, the Lakers Room, to the Star Wars Themed Room, the '49er Room, to the 'Back to the Future' Room, the Santa Anita Room, the 'Anchorman' Room, to the Dodger's Room and beyond!

SCORPION'S workstations consist of various modern cubicle pods, designated individual workstations as well as various areas of offices, all for your scouting pleasure!

SCORPION is an AMAZING place to work and even more AMAZING place to film! SCORPION offers some 'Google-Like" perks such as an indoor sunken basketball court, a full service company cafeteria, multiple lounges and bars, complete with its own gym!

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