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Since 2001 SCV LOCATIONS™ has been locally owned and operated by long-time SCV resident Karen Bryden.  Our mission is to provide our Community and the Film Industry with honest, ethical and professional film representation and location management services. Over the past 17 years, SCV LOCATIONS™ has developed and cultivated extensive working relationships with feature film, television and commercial Executive Producers, Directors, Location Managers and Locations Scouts.  Through these relationships SCV LOCATIONS™ has built a reliable network wherein film personnel know who to call to find the specific locations, be they unique or “Anywhere USA,” they are seeking.


1. Photograph all aspects of each property specific to the needs of Location Manager and Film Industry Professionals.  These photographs and your property are utilized in our printed and digital marketing materials, including website listing and e-mail blasts to our extensive network of Location Managers and Locations Scouts.  When a Location Manager is searching for a location that fits your property, we send additional file photos and descriptions of your property for their consideration.
2. Schedule and Coordinate all location scouts or showings of your property.
3. Actively distribute and promote your property in order to maximize your property’s earning potential.


1. Once your property has been selected by Production for filming, our Business and Legal Departments work closely with you in negotiating the price and terms of the contract with Production to ensure transparency and confidence throughout the entire contracting process while maximizing your property’s financial potential.
2. Ensure your property is protected by requiring Production provide a Certificate of Insurance and Security Deposit in compliance with the terms of the contract with Production.
3. Collect and Distribute All Location Fees.


To alleviate the Very understandable concerns or uncertainty that often arises once your property is selected for filming, SCV Locations assigns a fully trained and experienced Site Representative who will be present at your property for ALL production activities including all Prep, Filming and Strike Days.  Your Site Representative will ensure that the terms of the contract are fulfilled and only the agreed upon and paid for activities at your location are performed.

1. Your Site Rep will arrive and open your location prior to Production’s arrival.
2. Your Site Rep will direct Production and the Film Crew to only the permitted and agreed upon areas of your property which may be accessed and filmed and only the agreed upon activities will be performed.
3. Your Site Rep will walk your property with you and a Production representative of the Project to assess your property’s condition after filming and to ensure all cleaning and repairs, if any, are performed in a timely and professional manner.

SCV Locations offers locations for filming in the Santa Clarita Valley as well as LA film locations throughout the 30-mile studio zone map.  We work hard to pay tribute to all of our locations for their part in supporting filming.

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