AGUA DULCE AIRPORT --- Runway, Taxiway, Campus

The Agua Dulce Airpark is a privately-owned, 400-acre airport nestled in the hills of Agua Dulce, California.  The runway and taxiway run parallel to each other and are connected at each end, creating one continuous loop track.  Both the runway and the taxiway were newly slurry sealed in early 2019 and each is approximately .9 miles (4600’) long.  The runway is approximately 50’ wide, with a portion of the runway measuring 60’+ wide, allowing for five (5) vehicles across.  The taxiway has a single yellow line down the center.  The runway has the required FAA aviation markings but any markings may be concealed for filming purposes.  

The Agua Dulce Airpark also offers various hangars for rent for filming purposes.  The largest hangar available is 90’ x 100’ with an 18’ hangar door and an interior height, floor to ceiling, of 21’.  These hangars are available for short term and long-term set construction, cover set holding, set filming, background holding, catering, etc.  Additionally, there are various and varied aircraft for rent for filming purposes including small hobby planes, biplanes, larger prop planes and helicopters.

And finally, Base Camp and crew parking are always included in your filming rate.


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