Church at Rocky Peak is actually three separate locations, the Main Campus, the Baseball Field Area and the open land known as Rock Ridge, all located within the 30-mile Studio Zone Map in Chatsworth.  

The Main Campus property boasts two separate large auditoriums, a cafe, multiple classrooms, exterior campus-like settings as well as multiple paved parking lots available for filming.   The Baseball Field Area is located across Santa Susana Pass Road from the Main Campus and boasts a community baseball field, a free-standing restroom facility, open spaces and two mobile homes available for filming.  Rock Ridge is also across Santa Susana Pass Road from the Main Campus and is a large, open-space property which boasts vast open lands, a private bridge, dirt roads, both mountain and San Fernando Valley views, and the classic Stoney Point rock formations.  

Base Camp and Crew Parking are offered at the Main Campus parking lots, the Baseball Field Area parking lot as well as any portion of Rock Ridge to accommodate your project whether you are filming here or just nearby.